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New Release:
The Experiment Manager Brings Better Visibility, Access & Control

We are delighted to announce the release of Cytobank 7.2, with the new Experiment Manager. We’ve been listening, and our latest release includes enhancements that make it easier than ever to manage your data and collaborate on your experiments and insights.


Introducing The New Experiment Manager for Better Data Management

We’ve redesigned the Experiment Manager (formerly the “Inbox”) to be faster and more efficient in order to make you faster and more efficient. Related experiments are now grouped together, and their relationships visualized in a “family tree.” You can now share and rename experiments directly from the Experiment Manager, customize which columns to display, hide or ‘favorite’ filters, and quickly see what your collaborators and group members have been up to (where you’ve been granted permission) using the new Primary Researcher filters.


Zero in on your most relevant experiments quickly

Finding experiments of interest is now lightning fast, and you can customize your views to quickly access only your most relevant work. You can now share and rename experiments directly from the main Experiment Manager view, “favorite” or “hide” filters, and quickly see what your collaborators and group members have been up to using the new Primary Researcher filters (with the appropriate permissions).


Customize your labels


Labels now come in an array of colors, and you can choose your own label colors. We’ve overhauled the labeling workflow to improve efficiency as well.


Keep tabs on new experiments and ongoing progress


Unviewed experiments to which a collaborator has recently given you full access now appear in a new section of the Experiment Manager called the Inbox. Progress on any algorithm runs or large exports running in the background will also be displayed in one central section under Recent Tasks.


Quickly preview key experiment details

The Expanded Detail View section gives you a quick birds-eye view of your experiment without having to click through to individual experiment pages. In one glance, see important attributes such as collaborators, view a diagram of linked experiments, and quickly preview plots for the populations present.


Tap Into Cytobank Curated Datasets
Curated Datasets
Load the new Cytobank Curated Experiments filter in the Experiment Manager to gain access to demo datasets we’ve curated and made publicly available. Have an idea for a new dataset you’d like us to feature?
Let us know!


More Enhancements:


Go deeper with a more seamless algorithm pipeline

Now you can run an algorithm on another algorithm-generated experiment without an intermediate cloning step! Try it out by running FlowSOM directly on a viSNE experiment.


End the “Clone Wars” – manage your cloned and linked experiments from one place

cloned and linked experiments in a tree

If you clone experiments, we now make it easy to keep track of them all. Get a global view of your parent and child experiments on the Experiment Summary page. Track clones and linked experiments with our diagram tools, or collapse your view for faster navigation. Learn more about linked experiments.


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