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Don’t Miss The 4th Sino-US Cytometry Workshop in China

Qianjun Zhang of Cytobank
Qianjun Zhang

ISAC’s Live Education Delivery Task Force will be hosting the fourth Sino-US Cytometry Workshop in Hangzhou, China October 24th-26th. Be sure to catch our very own Qianjun Zhang as she serves as co-host and speaker at the event. Her session, entitled “Big Data in Single Cell, high dimensional data analysis” will be on Thursday, October 25th at 15:30 local time.

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The Sino-US workshop is organized by the Live Education Delivery Task Force of ISAC. The Workshop is chaired by Dr. Awtar Krishan, an international expert in flow cytometry recently

Dr. Awtar Krishan

retired from The University of Miami. Dr. Krishan started the ISAC Live Education Delivery Task Force in 2001 and held the first workshop in India, which initiated the formation of the India Cytometry Cociety, making a positive impact on the advancement of cytometry technology in those regions.

Over the past 17 years, dozens of workshops have been conducted in developing countries where resources are limited, educating hundreds thousands of flow cytometry users. Now they host regular workshops in India, ASEAN region, China, South Africa, Europe and the US. All teaching faculties are volunteer-based.