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July Webinar:
Explore Hidden Cell Populations with cytoClustR and the Cytobank API

Best Practices for Adopting Clustering Pipelines in Place ofSPADE Tree Kordasti Manual Gating

Join us Wednesday, July 18 at 9:00 AM PDT for our next free webinar. Learn how Physician Scientist, Dr. Shahram Kordasti of King’s College London and Bioinformatician Thanos Mourikis of Cancer Research UK (CRUK) collaborated to build cytoClustR, a tool you can use with Cytobank’s machine learning algorithms to identify cell subsets in order to help make discoveries in the clinic.




cytoClustR employs hierarchical clustering to identify rare cell populations in SPADE data and facilitates Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) by enabling comparisons among multiple groups of samples. This tool is available on Github now.  

Follow along as Shahram shows how he set up his experiment pipeline and learn from Thanos as he gives a tutorial on their new custom tool. Afterward, get your questions addressed in a live Q&A.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Learn how to build pipelines that reproducibly find rare cell subsets (using cytoClustR and Cytobank’s ML algorithms)
  • Understand how Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) can help reveal patterns in your data by enabling a rapid and dynamic “first look”
  • See how the Cytobank API can integrate with tools you develop to customize your data analysis pipeline/workflow


About the Presenters:

shahramcircle Dr. Shahram Kordasti
Senior Lecturer and Group Leader in Applied Cancer Immunopathology
Systems Cancer Immunology Lab, Comprehensive Cancer Centre
King’s College London and Guy’s Hospital
Thanos Mourikis, Bioinformatician
Cancer Genome Evolution Group
Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence, University College London
Hannah Polikowsky, Program Manager
Cytobank Scientific Services

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