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New Release 6.3.0: Do More with Exploratory Data Analysis

viSNE is a powerful tool for exploratory data analysis. Samples or cells are visible in one view or “map” based on their similarity across the n-dimensions used to generate the map. Cytobank’s latest release introduces features to facilitate data exploration and the reproducibility of your results.

Our new expanded features can help investigators use viSNE in translational or clinical research studies to both uncover new discoveries and repeat these exciting findings.

1. Reproduce viSNE results by setting the seed

viSNE is stochastic, which contributes to algorithm success, but it also introduces a viSNESetSeedControlchallenge for reproducing results. Now, researchers can Set the Seed in their viSNE analysis to preserve map topology and reproduce viSNE results to verify and validate findings. When setting the viSNE seed, the exact same viSNE map will be generated if the samples and other advanced analysis parameters remain the same.

2. Explore your viSNE data with the new display gate labels feature

A variety of viSNE illustrations help with data exploration:

  1.  Color the viSNE Map by Functional Markers to identify patterns of expression across unique conditions. In the example below, the Display Gate Label feature is now used to highlight the CD4+ T cell compartment of the viSNE map. This allows us to focus on the CD4+ T cell subset when comparing p-STAT5 expression across basal, BCR, and IL-7 stimulated conditions, highlighting the upregulation of p-STAT5 in the IL-7 condition.viSNEcoloredbyfunctionalmrkrs-zoomed
  2. Assess differences between groups using cellular density contour plots
  3. Create a viSNE grid to better visualize sample heterogeneity
  4. Color the viSNE map by variables (eg. unique disease groups) to look for potential differences across these variables.

3. Analyze and create illustrations faster and more seamlessly 

Plots and statistics in the Working Illustration now load up to 8X faster! We’ve made dramatic performance improvements for users with many files, many events per file, many populations, and many channels.

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