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Fresh Squeezed Webinar: CITRUS Training and Advanced Topics

Don’t miss our next webinar, where we review CITRUS in Cytobank. Learn the nuts and bolts of how to optimize your own CITRUS runs for biomarker discovery.

Detail from Ben-Shaanan et al. (Nature Medicine, 2016)


CITRUS in Cytobank uses an unsupervised and supervised Machine Learning pipeline to automatically find biomarkers that are correlated with an outcome group, or find a set of biomarkers that best predicts that outcome group.

A growing number of scientists have taken advantage of CITRUS’ automated biomarker discovery pipeline to answer questions and find predictive models across a wide range of diseases. CITRUS in Cytobank has recently been featured in an example at SITC identifying predictive biomarkers for response to Anti-CTLA4 and Anti-PD1 immunotherapy in melanoma patients, and in a Nature Medicine publication last year that demonstrated that the brain’s reward system (which is activated in placebo response) is causally related to immune response in mice: Ben-Shaanan et al. (Nature Medicine, 2016).  

Learn from Cytobank’s own Geoff Kraker how you can apply CITRUS in Cytobank to your own study.

Key takeaways:

  • See how to set up a viSNE + CITRUS pipeline that allows you to compare your results across multiple time points or other typical stratifying variables.
  • Understand how your scientific question of interest can determine if you should choose correlative or predictive models for your CITRUS run.
  • Learn how to interpret CITRUS results and compare them to your manual gating strategy using Cytobank’s gating and working illustration tools.

Afterward, join us for a live Q&A with Geoff, plus Cytobank’s own Director of Informatics, Dr. Kat Drake. Ask questions and learn more about about advanced workflows to validate your CITRUS results or find biomarkers for non-discrete outcomes.




Geoff Kraker Geoff Kraker, Application Scientist, Cytobank
Dr. Kat Drake Dr. Kat Drake, Director of Informatics, Cytobank