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Reminder: Sign Up for Our viSNE Webinar

LAST CALL: Register for Our viSNE Webinar Feb 15.

Only hours remain to register for our next viSNE webinar. Join us Wednesday, February 15th at 9AM PST for:

Placing viSNE in your toolbox: how to optimize the automated analysis of polychromatic flow cytometry datasets.

Learn more about how Cytobank’s new advanced viSNE (t-SNE) settings automate and improve analysis of large cytometry datasets with precision.

belkinacircleHear from ISAC SRL Emerging Leader Anna Belkina, M.D, Ph.D. on how she optimized advanced viSNE parameters to mine large fluorescent datasets (and even reveal some rare subsets).

  • Our Cytobank scientists will review how to get started with new advanced viSNE settings in Cytobank with a demo.
  • Anna Belkina, M.D, Ph.D., will share practical applications and show how she optimized advanced viSNE parameters to accelerate her analysis of large datasets.
  • Our team experts and Dr. Belkina will answer your questions during a live Q&A session.

Advanced viSNE Settings in Cytobank:

Gain bigger, better insights in the cloud with new enhancements to Cytobank viSNE. Now Cytobank’s cloud-hosted platform can run up to 20x more events than other locally-run solutions. Fully optimize the resolution of your results by fine-tuning IterationsPerplexity, and Theta.

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See you on the webinar!