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Streamline and Automate Analysis with Our New API

CytobankAPIAchieve better results, faster. Automate your end-to-end pipelines with the Cytobank Platform via The Cytobank APIThe Cytobank API extends the power of the Cytobank Cloud to any software application. Now bench scientists can more seamlessly interact with computational biologists and reviewers to assess results of internal algorithms and pipelines. 

Now available in the Enterprise versionour RESTful API endpoints offer powerful advantages
such as:

  • Leverage a broader array of clustering, dimensionality reduction, and other high dimensional analysis tools
    Locally run PCA, PhenoGraph, FlowSOM, auto-gating tools, summary figure generation tools and more to keep results integrated, accessible, and searchable in Cytobank.
  • Hook into local auto-gating tools
    Work with the results of auto-gating tools in Cytobank! Cytobank’s APIs enable automated upload of GatingML output from auto-gating pipelines to make the results accessible to scientists at every level.
  • Programmatically fetch statistics for downstream computations
    Keep bench scientists, reviewers, and computational biologists on the same page seamlessly for efficient communication. Computational biology teams often run statistical analysis tools that result in the generation of summary figures. Cytobank’s APIs enable the cycle of statistics fetching, downstream analysis, and automated return of summary figures and other related attachments back to the originating experiment in Cytobank.
  • Centralize and search raw data from originating experiments
    Computational biology teams often run data processing tools that result in the generation of summary figures. Cytobank’s APIs support automated solutions to bulk ship all acquired raw data into your secure Cytobank repository where you can reap the value of longitudinal metadata search to find historical insights.
  • Build your data management ecosystem to connect multiple analysis players
    Cytobank’s secure access permissions allow efficient, customizable access for collaborators, and our APIs enable centralization of automated pipeline results. Reduce the overhead of emailing, FTPing, and scheduling teleconferences to review results among teams. Find results quickly using meta data search.
  • Ensure institutional reporting compliance
    Cytobank’s APIs also give you the hooks to automate the funneling of completed analyses into ELNs, LIMS, and 21 CFR part 11 compliant repositories for downstream integration and compliance. Our APIs also support programmatic upload of raw data files post-acquisition, so you can ensure all of your raw data are securely backed up.

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