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The analysis challenges of high dimensional cytometry

With the rise in high dimensional cytometry, the need for new ways of managing and analyzing this information is essential. The Cytobank approach and platform led to several key publications in this area. As a result, we were invited to contribute a chapter published in Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology. This chapter highlights the needs for new approaches to work with high dimensional cytometry and uses the Cytobank platform as an example of addressing the challenges. In addition, we also provide some practical ways of using algorithms such as SPADE to analyze datasets.

Check out the chapter for more discussion:

* Keeping single cell data and associated metadata linked with aggregate views

* Moving towards automated population identification

* Providing a platform that makes complex algorithms accessible to the scientific community

* Satisfying data security and privacy requirements for large institutions and enabling multi center studies

* Fostering consistency in analysis approach and transparency of process

* Encouraging novel approaches from the computational community by providing an analytic platform for single cell data

We’re excited about the rise in single cell technologies and the roles they will play in the next generation of therapeutics and systems-level questions. Cytobank is committed to providing a platform that will help answer these analytic challenges.

– The Cytobank Team