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Cytobank 3.0: Enhanced gating, upload, and download

Cytobank 3.0 marks a new chapter in our journey where users can now enjoy a streamlined upload, download, and gating experience. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to what’s new:

Uploading and Downloading

Data upload and download have a new interface, and the old Java applets have been retired. This means faster uploading and downloading and fewer compatibility issues.

We’ve also added mechanisms for users to upload ACS and ZIP files, and have expanded the prevalence and detail-level of progress bars. Want to easily transfer experiments between your accounts on different Cytobank servers? Users can now export ACS versions of their experiments from the Experiment Details page and use ACS upload to move them over.

Enhanced Gating Interface

Like upload and download, gating has received a makeover and no longer uses Java. The first thing you’ll notice is improved loading time and fewer compatibility issues. The new interface also includes several frequently-requested enhancements, including axis tick marks, display of gate percentages, marking of tailored gates (T), marking of hidden gates (H), display of both channel short names and long names, and an expandable plot scales section.

A few larger-scale changes were also implemented. First, you’ll notice a visualizations section at the bottom, currently featuring the reworked Population Tree and Population Manager. Keep an eye on this section as we continue to implement helpful visualizations.

Second, there’s now “Apply” and “Apply & Return” buttons in place of the former “Save & Return” method. In the new interface, all changes are immediately saved and stored in a scratch-space that is separate from the Working Illustration. If you navigate away or the browser crashes before you click one of the “Apply” buttons, your work will still be saved and available in the gating scratch space — but the changes will not propagate to the Working Illustration until you click one of the “Apply” buttons. The handy “Apply” button lets you to commit your changes to the Working Illustration without having to leave the page.

Finally, we’ve transitioned from “bin space” to “data space”. View the article on our knowledge base to learn more about what this means.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise as you explore Cytobank 3.0.

 – The Cytobank Team