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The Benefits of a Hosted Cytobank

You are probably familiar with our main server located at http://www.cytobank.org, but did you know that we offer hosted versions of Cytobank? With a hosted model, an individual lab or company has a server reserved for their exclusive use. The primary advantages of having your own hosted Cytobank include: 1) Premium Functionality, 2) Dedicated Computing Resources, 3) Access Control and Usage Monitoring, and 4) Premium Support and Quality Assurance. An additional perk is that you choose a name for the hosted Cytobank that shows up in the address (mylabname.cytobank.org, where ‘mylabname’ is a chosen name of your lab or group).

To help you consider if a hosted solution is right for you, here are some details about these advantages:

Premium Functionality

Having a hosted Cytobank means that you will stay current with cutting edge flow cytometry analysis techniques. Our hosted servers offer premium analysis functionality, such as SPADE and Dose Response Analysis. These tools are not available on the main Cytobank server (www.cytobank.org) and include implementations unique to Cytobank.

Dedicated Computing Resources

All analysis functions, from basic to advanced, are significantly faster on a hosted Cytobank. Because your hosted version of Cytobank will only be accessible to users you designate, the computing resources are likewise dedicated to your group alone. You won’t have to compete for processing power with other users worldwide, unlike on the main Cytobank server (www.cytobank.org).

Access Control and Usage Monitoring

Each hosted Cytobank installation is self-contained and independent from the others — no accounts are shared and no data from one instance are visible in another. Thus, a hosted Cytobank provides an additional layer of security. Only users you designate will be able to login and access resources on your hosted Cytobank. As the owner of a hosted solution, you have the power to appoint administrators from within your group. These administrators regulate server access, choosing whether to require validation of all accounts before they can be used. Usage statistics are available to administrators as well, which can be useful for grant writing and in settings such as a core facility where usage is used to allocate costs.

Premium Support and Quality Assurance

Cytobank maintains secure local and remote backups of each user’s data, whether on our main server or a hosted solution. Likewise, hosted Cytobank servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for outages. All servers are kept up to date with the latest security patches and use the most up-to-date data transfer protocols used by financial institutions. As always, you can be assured that your data are accessible only to you unless you specifically choose to share with another user.

The Cytobank scientific team offers hosted Cytobank users additional training, support, and consulting services for experiment design and analysis.

Contact Us

If your group is interested in a hosted solution, contact us at helpdesk@cytobank.org.

– Angela