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Population Sunbursts: Dynamically interact with population hierarchies and statistics

Communicating population relationships and associated statistical data is a fundamental aspect of single cell data analysis. A common method of communicating population relationships is via data tables that list populations and statistics. However, this becomes cumbersome as researchers work with higher dimensional experiments and complex gating strategies. To address this challenge, we’ve added a Sunburst Visualization that allows users to visually communicate population hierarchies. 

Think of a Sunburst as a radial tree where ‘wedges’ represent populations. The root of the tree in the center, descendants expand outward as slices of concentric rings, and each ring represents a level of your hierarchy. The size of a wedge is proportionate to the number of events in the population, and mousing over any wedge reveals statistical information.  Users can start with a global view of their gating hierarchy and then interactively drill down to the subsets in which they are interested.

The Sunburst visualization is available on Premium and Enterprise Cytobank sites, at the bottom of the gating page.