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Are Your Data Safe on Cytobank?

Seeing the words “internet” and “experiment data” in the same sentence might give you pause to wonder, “Are my data safe on Cytobank?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

From the minute you upload your data to Cytobank, you control the level of access that other users have to your data. By default, any data you upload are only visible to you.

One of the benefits of Cytobank being web-based is that it enables you to easily and safely share your data with collaborators and colleagues. Cytobank gives you the tools to control the level of experiment access you give to others.

Giving Another User Full Access

Want to share data with a colleague or receive help from another Cytobank user?

A simple way to share an experiment with another user is to give them full access. Users with full access to experiments can do the same things that you can do, e.g. edit gates, annotate your data, generate their own illustrations etc.

Share Experiments Using Projects

Do you work as part of a team? You can manage groups of experiments using projects, which allow you to define a set of users that can access the project. Projects allow you to set the level of access that project members have to experiments.

For any project, you can assign a “Sharing level,” which determines whether project members are limited to only viewing the illustrations you have made from the data, or whether they are able to generate their own illustrations.

You can also assign a “Cloning level,” which determines whether project members can clone the experiment files and/or illustrations. Cloning allows project members to create a copy of project experiments.

You can read more about projects or how to share experiments using projects on our documentation site.

Making Data Public

While your data are private and visible only to you by default, there may be times you would like to make an experiment publicly available. For example, you may want to promote your published datasets or to make data available for tutorials. To make your data visible to the public, click the “Share with Everyone” button under “Sharing Permissions” on the Experiment Details page. Users will gain access to any illustrations associated with the experiment and will be able to clone copies of the experiment.

Other Common Concerns

Please visit our documentation site for answers to other common concerns about data safety on Cytobank, such as:

Rest assured that Cytobank recognizes your hard work and need to control access to your scientific data. We give you the tools to enhance productivity with sharing mechanisms while ensuring that the data remain safely under your control!